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I am often asked why. “Why would you do that to yourself?’and lots of “I could never do that”
Why? Well, I was working as a cook in a cocktail bar where we could drink whenever we wanted as long as we still got our shit done. I needed to stop doing that.
I needed a thing, a reason to get out of bed that was just for me. I needed to be inspired so I could inspire my family, and be present for them.
As soon as last year I had been running off and on around the river trails close to my house with my biggest race being a local 1/2 marathon (Women’s Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Half) a couple of years ago.
Then a friend texted me in June to run a leg of a 50K ultra Grizzly in October with his team. 12kms? Sure, why not? When he texted me back a week later to say he was actually going to run the whole thing solo something inside me texted back
“Me Too”
And so it began. I had never really ran trails before and with 2 and a half month to train, I sucked. 3.5kms took over an hour and I HURT!
I ran 4-5 times a week 7-15kms with my longest at 40k 3 weeks out from my race.
I was so nervous on race day I couldn’t eat breakfast (for which I suffered later) but I did manage to finish with a decent time. All I could think of at the time was How could I get Better?
I signed up for my next race (the Broken Goat) a few weeks later and a few beers in. Another 50km’s but over 5 peaks. This race scared me, and it merits the bubbles in your belly. It was a beast of a race, and I didn’t train hard enough for it. I was too careful and i burnt out from being on the course too long. BUT I still wondered How could I get better.
I ran my last race (the Grizzly Ultra Again!) With a good friend who was running her first race. We ran careful and spent some time in the aid stations, which was new for me, and I had a very enjoyable race.

My next challenge will be the Sinister 7 100 Miles Solo (with my husband…..I hope, he’s on the fence!)

Whelp, that concludes up to here, Y’all are caught up on the short version. I will be revisiting key moments in future posts.

Keep Slaying 🙂