I needed a thing

That’s what I told everyone who asked me why.

It started with a text
“you wanna run a leg in the 50km Grizzly Ultra? it’s in 3 months”
“sure” I said “I need a thing anyways”

Then I started researching the race and something inside me told me I could do the whole thing…..something stupid…I’m a chef, not a runner. But I texted him back

“Sooooo, I thought about it and I want to do the race solo too.” His response?

“you psychopath!”

I started 2 1/2 months out with a week of 3.5km trail runs. Honestly? It eeefffing sucked I thought I was going to die. But i didn’t I kept running and I got better every week. I ran-ish the Ultra and I finished! I got a mug to prove it.

I was proud of my finish, and now I’m all in. The people, the trail, the struggle, it’s all real and raw and totally awesome! Next up? Follow me and see! Happy trails


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