Why I Run

I ran I bit. When I thought I should to get some cardio in for my other pursuits. I even did a race! The Rocky Mountain Soap Company half marathon in my hometown of Canmore, Alberta. It was fun-ish, but I didn’t think anymore about running for quite a bit.

I had heard of another local race called the Grizzly Ultra (50kms on trails as a solo or in teams of up to 5) but I still identified as a mountain biker, so I thought why would I run what I could bike?

I wasn’t biking though, and I wasn’t doing much of anything else either. I was sort of half assing my life. My kids, my husband, my job, my friends…all of me was out of balance.

I was drinking too much. I was working too hard. I would cry in frustration when I couldn’t say goodnight to my kids because a customer ordered a cheeseboard. But it was my menu! But goddammit! My kids need me and I needed them….Kids trump cheeseboard. Every time.

I was searching for balance, but I didn’t know where it was until I received a text from a friend. It was 4 years ago and I was in the park with my family listening to some local bands when my phone buzzed.

Hey! We need another runner for our team at the Grizzly, wanna join?

Sure! I wrote thinking why not?

I was in!….until the next day when I received another text from said friend….

Hey! I thought about it and I’m going to do the run solo. I think you’ll still be able to run with my friends, if you want….

I thought about it for about 10 minutes. You know what I wrote?

I’m gonna run solo too.

I had 2 1/2 months to train for a 50km race and I was starting at zero….with a beer belly.

My first day “training” was 3.5km up to the hoodoos and back. It took me almost 2 hours and arrived home shaking and barfy with tears streaming…..but I refused to ask myself any questions, the next day I did the same thing….then I drank some beer to celebrate and wasted the next day….but I went back the day after that, and the day after that….my first few baby steps to where I am today!

It sucked….so bad, but I found joy and release in the suffering. When my eyes cleared I saw the beauty. I saw the potential. I realized I was missing out on so many views on my bike, and the trails I could explore grew to limitless. (Bonus points for sharing my love for this sport with my kids and a huge reduction in days spent hungover)

So ya, I ran that race. I finished too! My time was around 6:55…not to shabby☺️

Side note: I was let go from the the restaurant I emptied myself into the day before this race. It was hard on the ego, to be sure…but it was necessary for growth. And I’m sure it helped to fuel my fire 🔥


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